Post Pulse – Halls Of The Damned

Post Pulse, Halls Of The Damned

Release: May 26th 2017



  1. The Gates – VideoLyrics
  2. When The Snakes Are Dead – VideoLyrics
  3. When I Dream – VideoLyrics
  4. Final Goodbye – VideoLyrics
  5. Frozen Heart – VideoLyrics
  6. Losing Myself – VideoLyrics
  7. Halls Of The Damned – VideoLyrics
  8. Let It Burn – VideoLyrics
  9. No More – VideoLyrics



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Publicity: Inverse PR

Album Thanks

Post Pulse would like to thank Aksu Hanttu, Eduardo Murillo, Fred Karlsson, Jason Lekberg, Jussi Salolainen, Merja Jutila Roon, Pekka Johansson, Sammy Aaltonen, Sonja Heiskanen, Susanna Heiskanen, Tuomas Yli-Jaskari and Ville Vierimaa.  The band would also like to thank their families for the support!
Additional love & respect to Snarky & Todd, Laurie & Kathy Mucciolo, Daniel Martinez, Jessica Pimentel, Gary Pickard, Annalisa Lazzaro, Otto Hoering, Moira Girard, Ursula Parson, Jamie Lee & the whole team at SkullsNBones, Toni Törrönen, Max R. Sequeira, The SFF Crew, Swallow The Sun, IKILLYA, all the badasses in the NYC metal scene, Greig, Bernadette & Jordan Sills, Tim Martinez, Earsplit PR, Ali & Suad Marr, Jö Schüftan, Jimmy Duff & the whole crew at Duff’s Alcohol Abuse Center in Brooklyn, Richard Liriano, Kai Hahto, Napalm Ted, Code Unknown, the rest of the 217 crew: [di: unru:] & Earthbound Machine.