Join Post Pulse On Vocals!

Dead Like Silence

We want you to help us make our next recording as awesome as possible.  On tour we’ve been playing a new song called Dead Like Silence and now we’re taking it into the studio.

We’re asking our friends and family to join in on the chorus with some gang vocals!  Helping us out is as easy as yelling at the fucking wall, so we hope you’ll join in.

Check out the video instruction to the right and grab the samples below!


What You Need

  1. A phone that records audio / a computer that records audio / a microphone hooked up to some device that records audio (we think you get the picture).
  2. Your voice, at top volume
  3. The sample track so you can listen and keep in time

What We Need

  1. The tracks you record without anything in the background
    1. No click
    2. No Samples
    3. No background noise
  2. Your Name so we can thank you properly
  3. DEADLINE: MARCH 23rd 2018

Sample Track

  1. Sample track:

Get It Back To Us

  1. You can email your tracks directly to us at
  2. You can upload your tracks to Dropbox or Google Drive and send links to us on Facebook or Instagram
    1. Facebook: 
    2. Instagram:
  3. You can use the form on the right to share links from Dropbox or Google Drive

What Not To Do

  1. Don’t put several voices on one track. We can’t mix this so we can’t use it!
  2. Don’t put any effects on your vocals.

Submit Your Vocals