Final Goodbye

Alone I am walking through the endless hallways so dark
Trying so hard to stay awake, pushing voices away
My head feels like I am walking in a cloud of dispair
Memories of my past keep just slipping away from me

Slowly my mind recognizes someone calling my name
Without second thought I’m moving towards the voice now
Walking inside a room, my eyes blinded by the bright light
There I see her sitting, waiting. I now cry

Just seeing your face
Brings back the horrors that
I tried so hard to hide
Why are you here?
Have you come to torment me?
Or is this the final goodbye?

As I close my eyes now I can see it again so clear
Blood on the walls and on my hands, voices getting louder
Overwhelming feeling of fear taking control of me
And my feelings are reflected from your eyes and your face

What feels like an eternity
We just stare into each others eyes
And without words you stand up and leave
You close the door and leave for the one last time
I fall down
I fall down on my knees
I fall down
Down down on my knees

I can feel the darkness in me growing stronger

Just seeing your face
Brought back the horrors that
I tried so hard to hide
Why were you here?
Did you come to torment me?
Or was this the final goodbye?