“Lurching riffs within ‘When I Dream’ are rhythmic and tend to lure you into a hypnotic ease, but then the music accelerates and ratchets up the heaviness” -DeadRhetoric.com

“Anttoni mutates about halfway through the song into a fleshy machine gun” -MetalInside.ch

“[When I Dream] crushes you unceremoniously.” -RockInSpain.es

It was a little over a year ago when we tracked the drums for the record and on the day we filmed this video it was very un-Finnish-like weather.  Super hot and in a studio with no air-conditioning our fearless drummer recorded the song with “the fastest blast beat on the record” -Anttoni.

“When I Dream” is a mid-tempo track that provides a new level of intensity on the record.  The story line at this point of the concept record is starting to show its true purpose, and the song compliments the lyrical content in a way that is all too perfect.  Anxious despair met with aggressive agitation equals “When I Dream.”  You can read along here: http://postpulsemetal.com/when-i-dream/

You’ve read what some of the reviewers think of the song, now it’s time for you to have a listen for yourself.  Watch the brand new music video for “When I Dream” right now on YouTube: https://youtu.be/rY1Rm6dMjeQ