We are really excited to bring you the premiere of our lyric video for “No More,” the final track on our debut record, Halls of the Damned.  The song is more epic in nature and before we even had lyrics on the track, we knew this was the song we wanted to close out the album.  Doe didn’t disappoint as he created an epic closer:

“On the final track of the album our protagonist has finally lost every bit of sanity left in him. After setting some of the buildings of the complex on fire he tries to escape.  He is unsuccessful and is brought back in.  The staff decides that there is only one way to keep him restrained properly… And here ends the story of the album.” -Tapani “Doe” Rantanen

The video itself is one of our more inspired visual creations.  Our guitarist Antti Karhu is the mastermind behind all of our videos and when he approached us with the idea to do a karaoke lyric video it was met with a curious confusion.  This was one we had to see before we could understand just how fun it would turn out.  Like all of our other videos, Antti knew what he was doing:

“My idea for the No More video was to make a ‘karaoke video from hell’. Dark and haunting, grainy and pressing but in a way it’s also a little fun.  I wanted to do something a little different with this video and we haven’t seen many karaoke metal music videos out there.” -Antti Karhu

We’d like to thank all our new friends and fans for the support you’ve shown over the last few weeks!  You’ve made all the hard work worth it!  If you haven’t received your FREE DOWNLOAD of Halls of the Damned, please head over to our official Bandcamp page and download it for yourself: https://postpulse.bandcamp.com

Enjoy our latest lyric video!

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