Post Pulse, “Halls of the Damned”

Ladies and gentlemen, today is the day!  Post Pulse, “Halls of the Damned” is now available worldwide through all your trusted digital retailers!

Our band has received so much amazing support from friends, family, the metal media and especially the metal community over the last few months.  You have shared your time, energy and valuable space with Post Pulse and it means a lot to us.  Today, we are excited to share the result of years of hard work with you for the low price of: ABSOLUTELY FREE.

You can stream the entire album right here, or click the ‘download’ link inside the widget to add the entire record to your personal collection.

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Post Pulse, “Halls of the Damned” can also be purchased or streamed on these other fine sites and services!

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and many others!

From Post Pulse to the metal world, we say thank you.  Please enjoy the music!

Post Pulse, Halls of the Damned Cover