“Let It Burn” is a track that we wanted to get straight to the point and drive the thing like a freight train with no breaks.  The intro to the song was something we would jam to in the studio but we didn’t actually decide to put it on the album until the last minute.  We’re really happy we did.

This video was filmed during the winter of 2015-2016 when Post Pulse was still in the early stages of the writing process for Halls of the Damned.  Our old studio was located in Kerava, Finland and you get to see a lot of the… well, mostly darkness since it’s winter!  But you get to see a little bit about what life was like for us while we were writing our debut record.

We are honoured to have one of the most important press outlets in Finland premiering the video for this track.  Not only have Kaaoszine.fi been supporting underground metal for several years, they have grown into one of the most credible sites out there.  We think this video is perfect to showcase on a Finnish site, because Finns will be able to relate to a lot of what you’re about to see.

Enjoy “Let It Burn” now on Kaaoszine.fihttp://kaaoszine.fi/anna-sen-palaa-post-pulse-tarjoaa-maanantaisen-annoksen-death-metallia-tuoreella-musiikkivideollaan/