"Final Goodbye" Lyric Video Premiere On Kaaoszine.fi!

“Final Goodbye” is a major turning point in the storyline of the Halls of the Damned concept record! Watch the lyric video now on Kaaoszine.fi to find out why!



"When I Dream" Music Video Premiere On YouTube!

“When I Dream” is a mid-tempo, brutal track that has been referred to by many reviewers as their favorite song on ‘Halls of the Damned’.  See why with our premiere of the music video!



"When The Snakes Are Dead" Music Video Premiere On SkullsNBones!

“The track “When The Snakes Are Dead” is very aggressive and a song that we love to play live.  It starts with a smash to the face and is pretty relentless in continuing that effort as the song goes on.”



Download Post Pulse, "Halls of the Damned" Full Album For Free!

Today, we are excited to share the result of years of hard work with you for the low price of: ABSOLUTELY FREE.


Watch The "Halls Of The Damned" Lyric Video Now On Legacy.de!

Check out the title track of our debut record, “Halls of the Damned” in the beautiful lyric video premiering right now on Legacy.de!


"Let It Burn" Music Video Premier On Kaaoszine.fi!

Check out what life was like for Post Pulse during the writing period of Halls of the Damned in our new music video for, “Let It Burn!”


Post Pulse, The Gates - Music Video Premier

Check Out "The Gates" Music Video Premier On Metal Insider!

“From the sound of what we’ve heard so far, you’ll be hearing a lot more about the band after their debut album, Halls of the Damned, is released” -Metal Insider



Post Pulse - Halls of the Damned

Free Download!

We are proud to announce our debut record, “Halls of the Damned” will be released on May 26th 2017!  We are releasing songs and videos in the coming weeks, so make sure to stay in touch!

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Watch Our Debut Music Video For "Frozen Heart" On Metal Injection!

“Mixing a blend of relentless groove, and unique melodies, the band captivates and moves” -Metal Injection



Post Pulse, “No More” Music Video Premiere

Post Pulse, “No More” Music Video Premiere

We are really excited to bring you the premiere of our lyric video for "No More," the final track on our debut record, Halls of the Damned.  The song is more epic in nature and before we even had lyrics on the track, we knew this was the song we wanted to close out...

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